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Spiral staircase

In general:

This complicated building makes always go upward and down in the narrowest circle. One is thrown back on himself and should find out of this narrow circle as soon as possible.


An especially impressive stair construction is the spiral staircase. Of it it is dreamt a lot - there are in the whole world not accordingly many spiral staircases! Around a firm axis writhing, it rises in narrow space about a basic circle precipitously upwards. This has made them now a symbol of the development upwards. In her spiral every step about a sector of the basic circle has lain, i.e. about a part of our basis, basic personality. About this one rises, never own extent leaving, himself over and over again about the same contents, i.e. to the same structural units, the same complexes and experience arrangements being, higher and higher up. We have to come no other possibility as level about our basic circumstances, a firm axis of our life converting, upwards. The dreams of the spiral staircase place one at the middle of our years.



  • you must adapt yourself to every situation, then you achieve your aim.

(European ones).:

  • promises climbing in rank and dignity after many difficulties. (15, - 63)


  • laboriously and on sinuous ways you will come.
(See also stair, steps)

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