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White poplars


White poplars and all her subspecies are only for men who move in the field, and for carpenters of use. For one because weapons are made out of her wood. For the others because they earn with it her maintenance as carpenters. They mean to all other people poverty and bitter need because they yield no fruit. Only the athletes she is luck-bringing because of the Herakles. (After the legend Herakles brought the white poplar from Thesprotien to Greece.) It dreamt somebody, he has changed and has become a gigantic double-born tree, namely one half is a white poplar, however, the other a spruce, - then all possible birds, on the spruce would have sat down on the white poplar gulls, divers and other sea birds. It were born to him two sons from whom one became an athlete because of the white poplar, came round in the world a lot and had to live, hence, among people of foreign kind, however, the other brought it, although son of a farmer, up to ship man, namely to one of those which have made a name to themselves in the navigation. The dreaming himself reached an old age and lived till his end in shining relations. (See also tree)

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