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White buffalo

medicine wheel:

Key words: Holy, - female, - mysteriously, - messenger, - ceremony, - apprenticeship, - connection with the earth, - Waboose, northern guardian of the mind. Description: The white buffalo is in the medicine wheel the animal who is connected with the north and Waboose, to the northern guardian of the mind. A white buffalo seems only very seldom and, therefore, was high valued in the reality and in the mythology by the Indians. The Lakota say, it is White Buffalo Calf Woman which has brought the whistle to her people. White Buffalo Woman should also have been the Übermittlerin more numerously of other ceremonies and secrets. Today it is reported about the fact that White Buffalo Woman appears increasingly in the dreams and visions of women who discover her deep connection with the earth and with all life from new. General meaning: Your own connection with the earth and with the life. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A powerful female mind being which can deliver ceremonies and holy knowledge to the people in the dream time. Medicine Eagles apprenticeship: White Buffalo Woman is the mystic teacher who came with apprenticeships about unity, entirety and holy ecology to the people of the Lakota. She represents the female, nourishing renewal of the world, the global harmony and the work with all our relatives. (See also Waboose, northern guardian of the mind, 'direction - the north')

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