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To go to a seer and can be prophesied in a matter, means to the dreaming unusual worries, - then people without worries do not need the Weissagekunst. One must give to the saying of the seer, that is the true, to faith. I have spoken of the difference between the seers on whom one must hear and on which not, in the chapter about the reliable sourses. If a seer gives no answer, it means deferment of every enterprise and any determination, - then with the manners the silence is also an answer, admittedly, a negative one. If somebody dreams, he has become a seer and has made to himself as a result of his prophecies a name, he will win big experience of life and share with own, have to do partly with foreign worries, - then a seer also has to deal with difficulties which do not touch him who are just carried to him by people who seek advice with him. It brings this dream face often also to travelling and movements for the dreaming with itself because the seers move from place to place. To arms it promises wealth, - then many people depend on the seer and the empires.



  • prophesy: do not believe everything, it checks.
(See also 'sourses')

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