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Knows (colour)

Association: - Cleanness, - clarity, - cold. Question: - What want I to purify?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Cleanness, - balance, - transformation, - completion, - rest, - harmony, - grandmother moon, - butterfly's clan, - Waboose, - northern guardians of the mind, - moon of the ground electrode innovation: Moon of the maize sowing. Description: The colour White is connected in the internal circle of the medicine wheel together with silver and grandmother moon and in translucent form and together with blue also with the butterfly's clan and the air. It stands in respect with the north and with Waboose, the northern guardian of the mind, and is the colour totem in the moon of the ground electrode innovation (from the 22nd of December to the 19th of January) and in the moon of the maize sowing (from the 21st of May to the 20th of June) to Born ones. In clear form white is also associated with the internal position of the northern soul path and with the cleanness. Know, as an absence of colour, is valid with many as the most powerful "colour" generally. In several spiritual apprenticeships she stands for cleanness, virginity, innocence, spiritual strength, connection with the big mind, transformation and perfection. General meaning: Your purest spiritual tendons, - transformation, - the urge for perfection, - the innocent aspect of your being, - a quiet and harmonious person. Association: Knows - as a skin colour of the people of North European descent, - one of four races of the humanity, - knows magic, - knows (pale) before fear. Transcendent meaning: If you see surrounding yourself from white lights, this means that you are transformed spiritually, at least for the duration of the dream.


Know as a colour stands for innocence, cleanness and perfection for which one strives which one never reaches, however, completely. Because it resolves in the spectral colours, the white is colorless in the real sense. It means cleanness, which is why in many countries the bride steps dressed in white before the altar, but also abstinence, coolness and infertility (in some cultures in the Far East is valid knows as a colour of the grief and the death. Hence, the white as a dream colour could also signal a death notion.



  • innocence, but also concealed grief.


  • colour: Joy, innocence.
(See also colours)

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