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Association: - Work on the wisdom or the understanding. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to use my strength of thought and power of judgement?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Understanding, - on knowledge being based action, - astuteness, - maturity, - stability, - the manner, - eastern soul path. Description: Wisdom is the quality which is connected in the medicine wheel with the middle position of the eastern soul path. Manner tells to be to dispose of a good judgment property and to make decisions which are based on experience of life. To the wisdom belong the mineral jade, the plant sage, the animal owl and the colour Jade green. General meaning: A knowledge of the maturity and stability, - astuteness, discernment and good ability to judge display, recognise - which keen aspect of your personality, - borders and accept, - understand your place in the holy net of the life. Association: Old age. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the wisdom.

In general:

Wisdom is a quality which can be promoted by the interpretation of the own as well as foreign dreams. If one dreams of being wise ones, this indicates the possibility to master his life successfully and to develop important relations with other people.


Every wise figure which plays a role in dreams stands normally in relation to own. Who dreams of wisdom, that should evaluate as a stimulus to take care with all his strength of the wisdom.


The spiritual entirety of the dreaming is expressed in the vision of the wisdom which can accept, besides, often the shape of old manners.


(European ones).:

  • by her be fulfilled: own mind will be intrepid in spite of adverse circumstances, - one will be able to master these difficulties and reach to a life in prosperity,
  • believe, one lacks wisdom: one lets his innate talents lie fallow and atrophy unused.

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