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The crossbreed stands for that side of the soul of the dreaming which does not feel engaged to social norms and rules. The dreaming stands between both - the world of the social rules and the anarchy. How does the crossbreed behave? If he plays an active role in the dream, the dreaming is not ready any more to adapt himself unconditionally. If he is passive, the dreaming feels in good hands in his normal life.



  • Dreaming one to be a crossbreed one may expect a big Ehrerweisung: Though no financial improvement stands in view, but fame and honour come up to you.
  • Dreaming one, another is a crossbreed, an important increase of the social state approaches.
  • The symbol advises to be more active a little and to exert itself more energetically for his interests. (Woman

(European ones).:

  • one will help and must stand.

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