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Bunches of grapes

In general:

If the dreaming perceives grapes in his dream, this refers to the fact that he has a need for party and celebration. A dream of bunches of grapes suggests the supposition that in the life of the dreaming up to now not enough fun and laughter were to be found. To change this, is the best way to get creativity in the life.


If grapes appear in the dream, this can maybe show a victim. The dreaming must give up something to reach what he really looks for. Wine often symbolises such a victim because his resemblance to blood is so evident.


At the spiritual level grapes can symbolise in the dream, because of her connection with the gods not only the Greek legend world, wisdom and immortality.


Bunches of grapes are blessing-bringing except the time as well as during the maturity, mostly they give profit from or by women, - bright grapes promise open, dark secret profit.



  • blue ones: loyal love,
  • white ones: happy news,
  • sweetly: Recollection of one dear hour,
  • crossly: Quarrel with marriage half,
  • harvest: you are in the aim of your wishes,
  • eat: indicates at improvement of the health, - also: your dear hopes are fulfilled,
  • of the floor take a short-cut: bitter disappointments will strike you,
  • press: you can count on rich profit.

(European ones).:

  • read: one will close an acquaintance,
  • eat: experience meant joy in children, - one will spend the next day pleasantly,
  • press: points to virtuousness.


  • white ones: Joy,
  • red ones: Annoyance,
  • take a short-cut: unforeseen separation,
  • receive to the present: you will make a new one,
  • see pressing: Diligence and perseverance will further you,
  • eat: you have several lovers (lovers).
(See also 'fruits', 'shoot', 'grapes', 'wine')

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