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A man who had two unmarried daughters dreamt, one would have bound up golden Aphrodite on the head, the others would be ebendort a Rebstock hervorgesprossen. From these married erstere, while the latter died, - then Aphrodite was the symbol of the marriage and the child production according to the word of Homer: 'You, however, goes only after dear-lovely works of the marriage' (Iliad 5,429). However, the bundle called the indissoluble of the marriage, - which symbolised vine against it because he from the earth hervorsprießt, the death which had to go other dahinraffen - in earth also resolve the bodies - and because the vine is robbed at the moment of his most full maturity of the fruit. It dreamt somebody, he carries an amount of shining gold on the shoulders. He went blind as a result of the beaming shine of the gold, - as was to be expected, it blinded the vision of the weight-bearing.


One of the Höflingen of the caliph Mamun directed Sirin the following question to the interpreter of dreams: 'I have in my house a wild vine which produces luminous-bright grapes, - now dreamt to me, the vine has carried dark grapes.' The interpreter of dreams Sirin answered to him: 'One of your women is pregnant from your house slave, the Ethiopian.' And thus it came, - she bore from the Ethiopian a swarthy boy.



  • with grapes: your relations will completely develop by your wishes, - also: Child wealth.
  • drily: Grief.

(European ones).:

  • see and are glad about his grapes: Luck, fertility, wealth, abundance.


  • without grapes: Tears around the lover,
  • child blessing.
(See also shoot)

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