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Wine cask


If somebody sees something similar, relative or Zusammengehöriges, it might feel sick less if one looks at the same time with the Zusammengehörigen and relatives. Thus dreamt, e.g., somebody who had a barrel completely wine, a vine has grown out of the barrel. There is also with Phoibos auis Antiocheia (1. Cent. B.C.) a similar dream face. It dreamt somebody who had a barrel completely wine, an olive tree has grown out of the same. Phoibos marked to the fact that everybody who drank from the wine died because a queue had died in it. The other to which it dreamt from the barrel is accordingly a vine hervorgesprossen, found also in it a died queue, and the wine had just gone bad, however, nobody drank of it, and nobody also died. It seemed to them because advisable, the wine which they wanted to drink to strain before - as them the distribution of presents saw, they poured the wine away. Quite consistently they got away with the life. Since because the vine stands in narrow respect to noble Wet in the barrel, the dream face went out less badly.



  • good views of happy hours.

(European ones).:

  • forecasts big luxury,
  • buy a barrel completely: one will get guests.


  • see: you get guests from a distance.
(See also 'barrel')

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