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Little pasture roses

medicine wheel:

Key words: Heals, - revitalised, - improved in appearance, - nourishing, - regenerating, - thunder bird and fire clan. Description: Little pasture roses are connected in the medicine wheel with the position of the thunder bird's clan in the internal circle and with the element fire. Little pasture roses or - more exactly - narrow-leafy little pasture roses or Epilobium angustifolium, as the botanical name is, are plants with dark red stings which blossoms like fire look. In addition, they belong to the first plants which gain a foothold after a bush fire again, - in this manner they help the earth to regenerate. Little pasture roses have been used by trunks close to the earth as food or for herbal teas. General meaning: True healing, - a remedial path on the mother earth, - regeneration of your self-or your surroundings. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Gift of the healing for the parts of itself which have the »fingers burntly« to themselves with your aspiration for too quick spiritual growth or to quick transformation. Consecrate (medium-sized bird of prey)



  • Him Consecrate meant a thoughtless soldier and thief.
  • Catching or kills somebody in the dream a consecrating, he will bump into such a thoughtless fellow and put to him an end.
  • he will take
  • Holding he the bird for the hunt, the guy in service and use to small thefts because the consecrating is useful in the meadow work not a lot.
  • this one thief calls
  • generally.

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