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Pasture (meadow)

In general:

Pasture stands for adaptability which can help though, but because of fear or feeling of inferiority may not be exaggerated. She can also admonish not to go for problems from comfort from the way.


The feed place of the cattle points to the width of our thoughts, on a propelling world disturbed by nothing. If we or other animals of the pasture float down, we must submit in the awake life to the will more different which means, we stand under mental compulsion.



  • greens with cattle: if promises prosperity and good advancement,
  • see putting out to pasture cattle: you are sure of your success.

(European ones).:

  • the green and juicy on which cattle graze: good domestic advancement.


  • greens: you will reach luck and prosperity, - good income,
  • with cattle: Wealth.
(See also cow, ox, bull, animal, meadow)

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