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In general:

The person has seen the expiry of his life in space and time, by the birth up to the death, always under the simile of a way. On this way, on paths and streets, he is in the dream more often than somewhere. Now it is exceptionally typical like this dream way procure is by which scenery he leads there what he passes, what his aim and what his obstacles are. Often it is taken only one short road piece, in small dreams at all a well-known street, from täglichsten and most banal relations or from emergent single recollections. Such dreams speak of our everyday situation, of the part of our life which runs off in time spans. Much more often, however, it is an unknown way which leads us, the traveller, far away after unknown aim. In some dreams our traveller also carries a little bit like a pilgrim's national costume, for example, a long cape, an ancient krempigen hat, - he has a canteen umgehängt and leads the pilgrim's floor. To report about our pilgrim's trip, to make them to us in all her details deliberate, the dream does not become tired. The road direction, our equipment and the possible company is essential in the dream story. With the interpretation of all these things one may never disregard the law of the compensation! How differently the dreamer looks in fulfilment of his day job! As some believes to have reached consciously now reasonably good Lebensstrasse, and hopes, this does not break off any more. However, in the dream the same person on his narrow stony path makes progress, hardly. The lonesome way leads to our astonishment maybe by big dirty laughter. We rise in the mountains carefully, from Felskante to Felskante, hop in marsh scenery of grass bundle to grass bundle. On the other hand makes happy us in extreme emergency times, because we believe to see no more way out, good Traumstrasse, stretching through high mountains, - or a sure bridge leads about the wild water. Where the unconscious has not completed a sure street yet, it is built in the dream on this street - the dreamer with sometimes builds. An excellent, very favorable dream! Since there a sure basis, a competent foundation is given created and the life valuable direction. The street becomes where unconscious is to be lightened where one would like to approach internal complexes, laid not seldom by the wood. Then at her end can live suddenly an easy, friendly family house, a quiet tower, the college and with some people, in church protest, a Renaissance church stand. By miseries and dangers erwandert almost be every person to him indigenous destiny! In the dream are these dangers if it concerns inferior human relations by which in the way-side lurking criminal, robber or dark game shown, - where it is about propelling conflicts wild animals threaten him nastily. Dangers of the unconsciousness lead by dark woods, or there lies night on our ways - an especially endangering situation. All these dangers add up like we know just when we want to be better if we have to overcome a gulch in a crossing if we stand in a ford of our life, if to cross a stream we. We have ourselves, the road dreams looking to make very clear what restrains us on the life journey. It belongs to the most frequent dream experience that one, as taken root, no step more can continue, even if awful comes up to us. After experience durable being or the standing position is never meant with it must remain. Only in the current life situation, in the instantaneous state, we do not make progress. Traumstrasse can lead there everywhere, - it can happen what is always possible to the dreamer on her. As especially typical would be mentioned: the dreamer gets to crossroads, to a Straßengablung, or he walks anxiously in a Steilhange what corresponds mostly also to an external very awkward situation. Where a dreamer tries to reach the height in dangerous stone waste dump about cliff faces where he wades by a water, there he is good to live in this dream time especially carefully and consciously. With the help of the context one is able if the dreamer does not know already before what it concerns, lay the table, which the reason which is a place and the magnitude of the danger. However, he will associate only mostly a secondary day matter with the danger dream.


The way is always the life of the dreaming. He can symbolise in the dream the direction on which the dreaming has decided in the life. A way symbolises every now and then the feelings of the dreaming concerning a respect or a situation. However, he can also stand for the kind of the thinking or symbolise possibly the direction of investigations. Ways are small streets on which the passengers can be shaken in a carriage in a mess, - however, they are also the peaceful footpaths on which one can gather internally. The kind of the way - whether he is level or precipitous, sinuous or just runs - can be as important for the interpretation of the dream like the way itself. It is to be seen particularly to the state of the way what is to be seen right and left of the way where he leads, where from he comes. What is the special in your way? How do you see him, and how he looks with the eyes of others?!
  • country lane: In this the longing of the dreamer for rest, romanticism and idyl expresses itself.
  • road fork (road crossroad): With the road fork or crossroad in the dream a decision which must be consciously made lies close. Sometimes it is not so important at all as one decides, but that one decides.


A way can refer in the dream to a spiritual direction.



  • good, flattened, comfortable ones: indicate at pleasant things, - one will have to count on few difficulties,
  • stand on it: you must think not only, but also act,
  • go just, on it: you have an aim before eyes and will reach it,
  • on a level one go: carefree life,
  • completely just: you will quickly realise your plans,
  • more flatly: a temptation to make at home itself it in the life to,
  • bad, impassable and disagreeable ones: Obstacles of all kind in the professional life or conflicts with people approach,
  • stones to death: you will reach the impossible, nevertheless,
  • in the endless one leading: one does not realise his aims in the life yet,
  • downhill: not to go on a warning,
  • uphill: one is well-advised,
  • precipitous ones go: laborious enterprises,
  • sloping ones: take before an accident in eight,
  • often sinuously: the success of your trouble will appear only late, - also: you must make concessions to succeed,
  • broadly: one expects you with open arms,
  • narrowly: you must be sparing,
  • very closely: you have only a possibility to achieve your aim,
  • slippery: the smashed way leads to nothing to good,
  • build: you try to compensate a quarrel,
  • crossroads: the choice between well and nastily is difficult for you,
  • crossroad: you must make yourself a decision,
  • cross: you have made your decision, now endures,
  • road end: you are helpless and need a good friend.


  • He symbolises your life. If the way is precipitous or committed by many people, times of the competition and the hardness enter. A free way assures you that you should act presently properly and remain with your plans. If the way leads downhill, he warns against getting involved in shine and superficiality or in risky adventures. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • one sees itself in the life weiterschreiten and hopes for a straight way,
  • straight see before himself: in the next time everything will go by wish, - one tries over and over again to go very comfortably through the life,
  • lead uphill: now it also goes out in the life high,
  • lead downhill: now one should not go on, otherwise one loses even more,
  • a stony one: one will have to master obstacles, however, should not lose the courage,
  • see a sinuous one: one will reach only on detours to a certain aim, - unfortunately, one must enter compromises, even if it does not like,
  • get lost: warns about risky actions, - the plans are ruined if one explains his duties not substantially.


  • confines: your plan is disturbed.
(See also crossroad, path, walk,' street')

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