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In general:

In the dream the meaning of the loom goes out his real function - unless, the dreaming deals professionally something with him. A loom refers to craft or art-craft creativity. Every person is able to produce nice objects, and the loom symbolises this fact. Loom symbolises the net of the social relations in which one lives, - he can ask to expand this and to maintain. There and Here of the Weberschiffchens which is always in movement points to a job with which the dreaming will deal a lot, presumably he will also have to travel. If the material is soon weaved ready, it becomes a short hectic time. Otherwise the plan will take up a longer time. If the thread goes during the dream to the bending or tears he even, threatens failure.


If translates the time satisfactory with work which walks only slowly forward and causes, hence, also only late success. The loom takes up the symbol of the Webens and refers to the image, the person would form his life himself. Certain basic materials exist to be able to manage a basic pattern. But every person must give his work, in addition, still own personal mark to lend his uniqueness to the weaved object. A loom is the tools which one needs to sketch his own life pattern.


A loom refers at the spiritual level to the destiny, the time and weaving by the providence.


The vertically standing loom means movements and trips, - the weaver must go and go because at the work. The horizontal one is the symbol of the impediment because the women serve this loom in the seat. Always it is more favorable to see a loom in which the weave was only begun when one with which it is quite ready to the abscission - then he resembles the life (The image of the loom steps here at place known from the spider of the life thread as she already seems with Homer). Therefore, prophesies the loom in which the work was only begun, a long life which in which the fabric is ready to the segment, a short, during those by which the fabric is already cut off, the death announces. What concerns the colour difference, one can take the interpretations about that from the clothes and equipment of men and women. If a seafarer a loom looks, he has to see in him an effigy of the mast. Everything what attacks to the loom will also attack to the mast. The ancillary tools which are used at the work on the loom mean many worries and commercial involvements whose solution will occur late and with difficulty. As long as because ancillary tools are needed, the threads are messy and not to disentangle. If weaving has begun, however, everything is on his right place and turns out useful and useful. the fact that the work has the same meaning like the life, the following dream experience may make clear to you: A woman dreamt, she has completed her fabric. The next day she died, - then she had no more job, that is she did not have to live any more.



  • see: your work brings success,
  • see working the way up in it: one will have laborious job with scanty profit, - with patience, however, one will create it.

(European ones).:

  • see: one should maintain a personal connection and stick, because one threatens to neglect them, - also: One spends a happy time with the family. Either at home or on a common vacation. the small financial losses whose improvements follow,
  • stand beside one and observe like he is served by a stranger: promises big annoyance and unnecessary incommodities, because other talk about one, - the disappointment of happy expectations is forecast.


  • good acquisition through diligence.

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