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Association: - Manufacturing, - intimacy. Question: - What do I interweave to a whole?

In general:

On this occasion, it concerns an elementary symbol which expresses the human basic need to take over responsibility for own life. In the dream every manual labour points out to the fact that one should have the situation in the hand. Weave (weaver) luck and profits promises if one is very diligent and sparing.


Weaving is understood as a symbol for the life itself. If positive qualities weave symbolised like diligence, perseverance and thrift. Either one already owns this, or one should strive for it.


Weaving is one of the strongest spiritual pictures generally. Most cultures know the picture of the destiny which is weaved in a certain pattern. The person can have no influence on this pattern, but must accept that alone God knows what is the best for him.



  • Dreaming one, he weaves as usual at home, he will well earn in his trade, provided that he has performed a suitable piece of work, - he weaves against his habit, he will undertake a trip which will yield profit to him according to the goodness of the weaved.
  • Being of this yellow, the dreaming will fall ill, his work is concluded, he will die, she is first at the beginning be ill long.
  • Preparing only the loom, he will start a protracted trip because the work on the loom costs a lot of time - he gets going the loom, namely his own, he will prepare for the trip if equip a foreign other for the trip. If the weaved is firm, he will live long.
  • weave in general or work (cloth and canvas make): a lot of trouble with low salary have, - also: you get the destiny of mehrer people in the hand.

(European ones).:

  • weave: one will be able to repulse every attempt by which the way should be shifted to the prosperity, - also: One has the right nose for shops. The success is worthy of notice.
  • other weaving see: one is surrounded by a healthy and powerful sphere.


  • uses your talents, then you suffer no need,
  • see weaving: Loyalty, luck.

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