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In general:

Who wades in the dream somewhere through, sees from what his feelings can cause in him. If the dreaming is hindered by water, he must argue with it in which manner to him his feelings stand in the way. If he experiences wading as something amusing, he can assume from the fact that his liveliness brings him satisfaction. Sometimes one can recognise from it, how deeply one stands in the water, how one finishes external circumstances.


The feeling is often more important while wading than the action itself. Thus is able the knowledge that one by water do not separate, for example, by syrup wades, explanation about own or the special situation give.


Spiritually stands Wade for a cleansing process as he is also associated with the baptism.



  • in the clear water: happy pleasure,
  • in the murky water: Need and misery,
  • in the marsh: dangerous situation.

(European ones).:

  • wade in clear water: one experiences short, but excellent joys, - a good sign for lovers,
  • wade in slushy water: one suffers illness or grief, - for lovers there will soon be a disappointment,
  • children in the clear water see wading: if a portent is for luck, - the plans are promising,
  • Dreaming a young woman, them wades in frothy water, she will soon stand in the highest favour of her beloved.
(See also water)

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