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Association: - Authority, - power, - wisdom. Question: - How do I express my power? How do I show my authority?


In the antiquity it was allowed only to kings and prophets to carry beards. The beard was valid and is still valid as a ruling symbol. In general the beard was the sign of the ripe and wise man. In the dream the beard stands in general as a symbol for the male strength and power. Positively experience and wisdom of the age, mellow superiority and even holiness interpreted becomes full, cultivated or also white beard as a fatherly protection or also. However, he can also signal aggression trends.
  • of early the symbol of male superiority, later also than putting on a mask interpreted behind which one wants to hide own inside, an interpretation which will apply with most today's dreams.
  • a neglected or scanty beard refers to male insecurity and lack of experience, immature craving for recognition in all areas of the life there.
  • one wishes
  • Seeing one to itself with a beard, to react in a maybe floating situation more masculine, so more courageously, to exercise more power and influence or to look sexually more engaging.
  • Becoming in the dream the beard shaved off, points to the fear to lose his masculinity, - often also on fear of a failure of sexual nature in the eyes more different.
  • If one loses the beard in the dream, one should file prejudices or veralterte views.
  • Being beside the beard also the mouth obviously, can stand he for the female side of the character of a man.
  • the beard can indicate
  • with women in the dream that they long for more protection and for security (for example, in the partner respect), - search a father-figure, - however, maybe her wish for a distinctively male, potent partner also appears in it.
  • a white, full beard stands as a symbol for wisdom, - he can refer to own unconscious or to a person whom one should question as a counsellor.
Other information about the meaning of the beard can also give the general interpretations of the hair.


Signs of the male strength, the courage and the wisdom.


A big, bushy beard brings to a speaker, a philosopher and all which have tackled an enterprise, he lends luck, - then one to dignity, the other respect. If a woman dreams of having a beard, she will marry, if she is widowed, again, - she has a man, she will separate from him: erstere will get a so heart-good man that it seems to her, as if both faces one has become, - the latter will leave her man and run only her household, thus as it would be excluded woman and man at the same time, she goes pregnant or is involved in a process. In the first case she will give to a boy the life, - this has matured into the man, it will seem to her with his sight as if she herself has a beard, - in the second case she will deliver an opponent not to be despised and how get through the process a man. It announces a small little boy the death because it anticipates the age step, is - to that, which already at the youth's age and will before long carry a beard, it means, he will determine about himself, he is servant (slave) or suitor, so that he is of age and provides for himself. If one looks as a beard precipitates or is sheared off or is torn out by somebody by force, it indicates the death of blood relations and in addition damage and disgrace. All the best and all Bad what is perceived in view of the body diminishes if one does not look completely, but only half of it, the luck as well as the misfortune. Thus, e.g., the woman of the Diognetos dreamt, she has only on the right cheek a beard. While this dream face to all women who are married children have and are not of good hopes, Witwenschaft prophesies, it ended in this case in such a way that the woman lived together neither with her man, nor was separated by the death of him, but that they long time, while her husband had gone away, felt in the hometown on himself alone put and procured the house. Now it made no difference with the woman whether she dreams of having a beard or male genitals or the clothes, the haircut or, otherwise, somewhat of a man, - the dream face will come true in the same manner. It dreamt to one, his beard burns in beaming pure fire. His son got name and fame in the art of the white agent. Nevertheless, they did not live together long, but separated as a result of compelling circumstances, - the burning beard helped his son to name and respect, - then a son is the adornment of the father like the beard those of the face. Consumed there, however, the fire naturally every material, the son remained not in his house, but separated from him, but not by the death because the fire shone without smoke.



    they mean
  • Being the beard hair completely and close, provided that they lend to the sluggish dignity, however, just this dignity, - they have grown too excessively and the dreaming belongs to the middle class, he will get in debts and get a lot of annoyance.
  • Dreaming one, his beard has sprouted admirably, he will pile up wealth on wealth, - however, the beard hair has become too long, illness and misery will torment him, - however, these will not cross the measure because one is able to do the beard easily again zurechtstutzen.
  • Having of the emperors this dream, his people will increase pointlessly and he nothing but annoyance and frustration have. If hair sprouts to him in hairless body parts, e.g., in the palms, in cheeks or somewhere else where hair cannot grow, he will bring together from people of foreign tongue a new army, also his treasures will increase, - debts and worries will press a my husband or arms. A married woman will conceive and give birth to a boy.
  • Seeming it one, his beard has fallen out to him, he will come to deep need and poverty and pass to the general disdain.
  • see a long one: You should not warm up old stories what is over, is over. The future brings better.
  • to short ones see: Your worries will not torment you any more long. The improvement and the success are not wide any more.
  • cut: Decide on new action. The old one was worthless, brought no luck. A good start is half the battle.
  • in general long and get dark have: Health,
  • have a weak one: you will not lack mockery,
  • have a long grey one: Sullenness and desperation will strike you,
  • wegrasieren: The bad is over, the relief near.
  • abusive, allow to decrease or take themselves: multiple loss, - one will be left by a good friend, - also: one should free himself of old habits or prejudices, - sadness,
  • men with long beards see: concludes by prosperity in the foreseeable future,
  • see one with a woman: Frustration and annoyance, - care compared with the female gender,
  • red beard hair: Big joy expects you during the next days.
  • white beard hair: You will frighten at your discovery.
  • If a young girl dreams that she has a beard, this indicates at quick marriage, - the beard is darkly on a good, he is red on a bad lot in the marriage,
  • a married woman one beard has, her husband will die or separate from her.


  • Looking of the emperors, his beard completely and close, his hoard of gold will increase and the customer of his wealth to all people penetrate.
  • Dreaming of the emperors who orders barber and cuts his hair, will make a mistake this, if he knows him, unabashed in his wealth, - he is a stranger, his treasures will loot of the emperor's enemies.
  • Dreaming a pauper, his beard is schütter, he will get in debts.
  • the beard precipitates to one
  • , the dreamer will become extremely poor, - also he may not hope to become well-to-do ever again.
  • the more favourably it is
  • Being a man of the bearers of a healthy strong beard, so the dreaming may hope for an improvement of his feeling situation - the closer the beard.
  • Growing of a woman a beard, the picture means, one should better pay attention to his body, because his health state is less good than one accepts. The symbol also wants to inspire to use more care to the external appearance.

(European ones).:

  • see himself with strong beard: interprets at good relations, - a lot of honour, - good health, the stronger and more fully the beard, the more favourably,
  • a long one: indicates good shops,
  • a white one: if reverence and shyness, - sign wakes for wisdom,
  • turns grey: you become the target of the malicious pleasure, - Li> also means difficulties and quarrel,
  • black: Health,
  • a red beard: if Li> is valid for quarrel and quarrel, - wrong friends,
  • plucks somebody in your beard: They take a restricted risk, - maybe you lose property,
  • can be worried the beard: if Li> is valid for losses,
  • one cuts off
  • a foreign beard: a warning sign which can predict in particular financial losses,
  • take a short-cut themselves his: you add intentionally somebody to damage, - fear of loss of strength and masculinity, - also: one will soon have to say goodbye to a good friend,
  • abusive beard hair: if Li> indicates at losses,
  • pull out: you must satisfy your believers,
  • be beardless (during one in the life carries a beard): you go hunting after bad,
  • comb beard and clean: points at vanity with your Wohlhabenheit increases, - you despise your former colleagues,
  • him starts to sprout: if an improvement of the health or more favorable general living conditions can announce,
  • who him to a woman given away, to that threatens power loss,
  • with a young girl: Loss of a lover,
  • (for man) see a beard with a woman: Care, - frustration and annoyance, - disagreeable recollections and creeping illness, - one should be very careful to the female gender in the next time towards, because this woman 'wears the breeches',
  • (for woman) see a beard with a woman: Feeling or security with a man with beard,
  • admires a young woman a beard, has to marry you the wish, - nevertheless, you threaten an unhappy marriage.


  • see: the possibility of an increase of your possession approaches,
  • take a short-cut: one should not make fun of other people,
  • split: your believers remind you and rightly, because you are unreliable,
  • grey: your knowledge and skill is recompensed richly, but not to such an extent as you it wishes,
  • black: your passion endangers you, controls you!
  • red: wrong people are around you, is careful,
  • more snow-white: if disgrace,
  • prophesies to the dreamer
  • with a woman: you have to suffer small loss,
  • with a child: you should consider only always everything, before you begin something,
  • Dreaming one, one worries to him the beard to add to him an insult, he will be revealed ignominiously to the general disdain.
  • one tears out
  • to him the beard hair, he will lose under tortures and pains his property and suffer insult and disgrace.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince, he has lost his beard as a result of the Einsalbens, people and economy will overthrow him in big worries, - a pauper who lives in need and worries will shake off this and have again reason for the joy, - a man from the middle owner's class or one who has his living will suffer on any Wise damage.
(See also face, hair)

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