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Association: - dramatic in the river being, - can be frightening or be extremely releasing. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to venture a jump in the water?

In general:

A waterfall can symbolise an orgasm in his fundamental importance. In addition, he can symbolise every feeling statement which is controlled strongly and still in certain manner.


Whenever any feeling reaches an intensity step in which it must break out or overrun if it should not overpower the person, it can manifest itself in the dream in the form of a waterfall. The falling off water allows to expect success, a quick development of good arrangements, support from above.


A waterfall registers the dreaming that he will surround of a spiritual power which he should make use.



  • see: one does not realise an important decision, - also: one becomes in the next future a heavy disappointment which concerns the emotional life, must accept, - also: you cannot escape your destiny.

(European ones).:

  • sends a reminder to firm persisting on our intentions, - also: Their most mad wish will come true, - one will have unusual luck in the career, - an invitation for a pleasure on one is observed, blossoms - the clap,
  • see: meant the ruin of members of the family.


  • heavy disappointments will make you clever.
(See also rapids, water)

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