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Association: - Emotions, - resolution, - Let go compliance, - liquid, - - cleaning. Question: - What do I feel?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Cleaning, - changing, - feelings, - sensuousness, - sexuality, - lunar energy, - frog clan. Description: Water, in the internal circle of the medicine wheel as an element with the frog clan linked, is a transparently liquid which exists of hydrogen and oxygen. In the liquid state it fills the rivers, lakes, brooks and seas of the world. One freezes to ice. Heated up water changes to steam. General meaning: Your emotional being and your connection with the element water, - your sensuousness, your sexuality, - the female aspect of your nature, - your connection with the forces of the moon. A dream about standing water registers that you are in a gentle, quiet life phase. Moving water, as for example in a brook, indicates at the fact that your emotional world changes is subjected. Quick dahinrauschendes water like with a waterfall or the waves of the sea states that you enter into a phase of quick changes, a threshold in the life has reached in which you should let go all control and take pleasure by the river of the vitality. Tells to dream of the surf which breaks on the beach that you recognise in which manner your feelings stand in interaction with your physical reality. A dream of the big waves which roll towards the beach can point to the coming determining emotional events. As you feel, besides, if waves to the beach entgegenwogen, registers whether you have to expect a time of the luck, the fear or the understanding. Dreams of big waves can also indicate the recollection of the past lives or to the other worlds which were cleaned by the strength of the water. Association: Moisture, - thirst, - living-donating, - feelings, - star sign Aquarius. Transcendent meaning: An initiation dream, in particular one which deals with your feelings. Huichol apprenticeship: White foam crowns on sea waves mean love, creation, - on which water tells to go, a little bit anew want to create.

In general:

Water is understood in the dream interpretation usually as a symbol for all emotional and female. It is a mysterious substance, because it can flow by, about and round things. What is to him in the way, it can destroy. Also the potential of the dreaming and his abilities to create a new life from his own internal need can be symbolised by water. Water is an old symbol which embodies in general own soul life with the deliberate and unaware contents. The individual meaning arises from the accompanying circumstances and above all the following details of the dream are informative:
  • clear water stands for a well-balanced, harmonious state as a condition of luck, success and love.
  • of murky or dirty water expresses unfavorable mental processes which often deal with insecurity, materialist settings, lacking selfknowledge or as 'uncleanly' rejected qualities and thoughts.
  • disturbed water announces 'stormy' times with worries and excitement.
  • reflexion of itself or other in the water see warns about self-deception, illusions or deception by others.
  • on the water run aforesaid that one has defeated a dangerous element. Thus one is sure with sea voyages. But as for the rest luck is predicted. In the marriage one becomes happy. One will easily win processes, because one can bring forward good arguments. The dream for politicians is especially advantageous, because the water symbolises the population of the country.
  • cold water drink a good meaning has. The dreaming lives in harmony with the needs of his body and pays attention to his health. If the water is warm, however, this can be a sign for illness or an incriminating lifestyle not particularly well-balanced.


The mythology as well as the today's theory of evolution sees in the water the origin all life. It is also for the preservation of the life of extreme importance what gives him a motherly-female aspect. In the dream the water is a symbol for the unaware psychic energy. The symbol of the unconscious is a life donator and life preserver. If the water rests or flows out, the dream resolution is always positive. As soon as it crosses, however, his borders which surroundings flood or flood, it indicates the danger which is to be interpreted from other symbols. Clear water points to luck, murky on an unhappy idiom in the life. Water stands also for cleaning, because it is able to clean the person of the internal and external soiling by the everyday life. It releases the to be christened from his present 'sins', also from those which he has inherited from the family. In the dream indicates to be a matter to the water of beginning something new. Deep water refers to the fact that the dreaming either loses ground or penetrates into his unconscious. Women especially often dream of water. Especially intensely the women who have experienced already once a pregnancy can dream of water experiences: the movements of the child in the amniotic fluid has stamped itself in the subconsciousness and releases very easily over and over again water dreams. With women have still experienced no pregnancy, the dream of the water can also express the wish for a perfect life change. If a woman sees itself swimming in the dream with relish, then this shows one healthy, positive setting to the sexuality.


Water symbolises the spiritual rebirth - the strength of the life. Water plays such a big role in dreams and, besides, supposes so a lot of different meaning that here only one restricted number can be considered by possibilities.
  • in the water to be, pregnancy and birth can symbolise,
  • fluent water symbolises peace and well-being,
  • very flowing out water against it passion,
  • deep water refers to the unconscious,
  • shallow water on a lack of life energy,
  • Dipping one in the water down, so the need is expressed to renew own forces and to return to the origin.
  • Dipping the dreaming from the water up, then this points to a new beginning.
  • on the water to be, possibly in a boat, can refer to indecision or lacking emotional engagement.
  • Still in the water to lie, means under circumstances sluggishness.

other pictures in connection with water are:

  • Baden symbolises cleaning.
  • of The wells stands for the woman is and in particular for the big mother.
  • dams, islands and other obstacles express the deliberate attempt to control the strength of the water - and therefore the feelings-.
  • drowning makes clear the trend of the dreaming to edge out disagreeable things in the unconscious, nevertheless, from where they return with power and threaten to overpower the dreaming.
  • floods represent the chaotic side in the dreaming which is normally uncontrollable and requires, hence, his whole attention.
  • canals symbolise the natal process.
  • The sea the original chaos from which all life arises stands for cosmic consciousness, that is. All knowledge is inherent in him, even if it may be veiled by the fear of the person of the depth (which understands what one, one does not fear).
  • a level sea symbolises superficial feelings.
  • The sea surf symbolises feelings and desire.
  • A quiet sea embodies a peaceful existence,
  • a stormy sea, however, good like ungood passion.
  • in the dream low tide and flood indicates to observe to be aware of the passing by time as well as To and decreasing of own feelings.
  • a lake can just as stand a pond, for a phase of the crossing from deliberate to the spiritual. If the dreaming unexpectedly reaches in this threshold, this can be for him a chance to get on and to come to appreciate.
  • own reflexion on the water requires the reconciliation with the shade. The dreaming must learn to accept that there are shares in him which he particularly does not like which can give him, nevertheless, if he holds them under control, a lot of energy.
  • the life and the kind always represent
  • of rivers and brooks as it is led by the dreaming. It depends on his setting whether he sees his life as a wide stream or as narrow brook.
  • a passing river stands for the feeling that the life is over too fast.
  • sea and river at the same time point to the need of a big change or want to draw the attention to the unconscious.
  • the dreaming of the world which surrounds him and his respect with her more attention should give
  • Trading it to himself around a very deep river, then.
  • A Flußüberquerung promises big changes.
  • Working the river awfully, the dreaming is just possibly creating unnecessary difficulties.
  • poisoning
  • Appearing the river, the dreaming does not do for himself the best possible one.
  • diving means to proceed down in the unconscious, or the attempt, to find again the parts Independently which one has suppressed.


Cold water drink each brings luck, - warm against it registers all with the exception of those which are used to it, illness or shutdown of the shops, - then the drinking of warm water is not natural.



  • Drinking of a warm water, he will get annoyance and frustration which corresponds to the heat of the water - then like cold water luck means, according to hot misfortune.
  • Washing to itself somebody with warm water, his distress will be lower.
  • wine with warm water mixed to drink heavy load prophesies by the prince.
  • he will have
  • Wading one in warm waters, plague with his farm-hands.
  • Rinsing somebody with warm water his mouth, he will have in his family frustration, - he washes with warm water his face, the people on him will be furious, according to the degree of heat of the water.
  • the clear: happy views in occupation and life have, - also: your love is loyal and true,
  • the murky and rotten: in a wretched and desperate situation get, - obstacles, - also: you make bad deals, - dubious enterprises,
  • slushy: In what a bad society you have got!
  • see running: you must go with the time, otherwise you are by the disadvantage,
  • see bubbling: your time has come, now you must act,
  • hear roaring: you are judged hard, - also: Quarrel and annoyance,
  • splash themselves with it: happy nonsense,
  • scoop: think what you want to do,
  • the cold: Luck,
  • drink the cold, clear: Health, - an old age,
  • drink warmly: Illness,
  • hotly drink: you will damage to you with a speech,
  • scald themselves with boiling water: you will suffer by inattentiveness damages,
  • see the cooking: one will press to you very much, - you have a quick-tempered temperament,
  • cook: the difficulties are not so big as they seem,
  • boil over: do not overlook the coming danger,
  • bury: you are in a matter in the mistake, - also: you should be surer,
  • go down in the same: you will suffer hard oppression,
  • hindurchwaten: you will escape from a danger,
  • have a bath in it: you will clean yourself of a reproach, - also: a healthy life lead,
  • other see having a bath in it: you will be reconciled with enemies,
  • wash in it: your worries disappear,
  • go on it: you will defeat all obstacles,
  • holy water: Health,

(European ones).:

  • the state of the water corresponds to own internal soul condition,
  • see the bright, clear: promises happy days, - promises success and profit,
  • the murky: Grief and bad luck, - tells opaque or unsafe relations in,
  • the frozen: if a danger,
  • announces
  • fall in: concludes by a big distress,
  • wade through: points to rescue from a danger,
  • go along this: if Li> promises success,
  • bury: Fear and grief,
  • drink the warm: The enemies who will cause trouble,
  • drink the cold, clear: devoted friends, - fulfilment of adequate hope,
  • drink the dirty: if illness,
  • promises
  • the consecrated: Health,
  • with himself at home rising: one will resist the vice only laboriously,
  • with himself at home going back: one will not give way to dangerous influence,
  • exhaust the water and get wet feet: Annoyance, illness and need will impose a heavy burden on one, however, one will overcome them by watchfulness, - the same can also enter with dirty water rising in ships,
  • go in for water sports: if the sudden awakening of love and passion,
  • announces
  • the head is sprayed with water: the awakening of passionate love is based on mutuality,
  • for woman to swim with relish in the water: Signs for a healthy setting to the sexuality and sign for a positive whole constitution,
  • of a young woman told dream and his enter into reality: 'Without knowing like, I was in a boat. I waded by clear blue water to a boat in the quay which was snow-white, however, untreated and splitterig. The next evening a lovely man visited me, however, he remained for the time prescribed by mothers, and I was hard reproved for it.' With this symbol disappointing views held ready the blue water as well as the white boat.


  • see the clear: Love between married couples,
  • cook: you trust your friends too much,
  • the murky: an adultery,
  • the cold: your feelings are a little bit too cold.
(See also Bach, drowning, colours,' river ',' flood ',' sea ',' moor ',' flood ',' shore' and other concepts hanging together with water)

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