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In general:

If the dreaming washes either himself or, for example, a garment, he escapes with it symbolically from negative feelings. Maybe he must change his position inwards or outwardly. If the dreaming washes, however, others, his need expresses itself to look after his people. Laundry (washing) can be interpreted as tub. Often she also warns about 'dirty' laundry, so before clap and defamation of character.


Because water is a symbol for feelings and the unconscious, washing stands in the dream for the striving for a respect to emotional and to the successful contact with him. If one washes himself in the dream, one must whitewash himself in the awake life of any reproach.


A spiritual cleaning is possibly necessary at the spiritual level, so that the dreaming can retain integrity his Ganzheitlichkeit.



  • see: do not despair, you do not lack strength to put through your plan,
  • to itself: your ordinal sense will become apparent,
  • wash: one will soon make on important people big impression or find out important news, - also: the worries soon are past,
  • have washed cleanly: one will be able to create problems and adversities of the neck,
  • get not clean: big annoyance stands by a quarrel in the house.
  • others: you will exert on third persons a good influence,
  • his hands wash: Remorse for a bad action.

(European ones).:

  • of dirty laundry: Be a master in Klatschereien,
  • dirty things wash or wash away: others will prepare for an annoyance or Scherereien by wrong assertions,
  • the man of the Wäscherei comes to your door: there threatens illness or loss of something valuable,
  • wash: if success and luck,
  • promises worries, but at last
  • the hands wash: one is tormented by an unaware remorse for a bad action,
  • in a tub: one should clean himself from squalid 'characteristics',
  • with wash become pure: the efforts achieve full success,
  • with wash dirtily remain: meant the loss of possession and luck,
  • pretty girls while washing see: one looks for forbidden pleasures,
  • to itself: one will have to disprove an abusive suspicion or defamation, - you will win wealth.
(See also bath, catapult, 'laundry', 'water')

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