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Barrier / barricade


Barrier (barricade) is a symbol for border and roadblock and, therefore, shows an obstacle or a sort of bulwark. She stands up everywhere invincibly where one cannot overcome own inhibitions. One has not grown to a challenge and should consider whether one accepts the restriction and should 'turn back'. Only if one removes them, leaps over or handles smartly, can be overcome in the awake life, e.g., social contact, difficulties) determined to problematic complexes (: Courage and tolerance would be asked! If the barrier has a protective function, one must ask himself what one wants to protect himself from or which is why one entrenches before the life and before other person.



  • big obstacles will position themselves in your way, - one has judged something too optimistically,
  • establish: It is better, you do not say any everything what you think. Silence is gold.
  • exceed: The right word on the right place works miracle, lets you not deter, leads the way.
  • leap over: one is easy in the state to overcome obstacles.
  • see: unexpectedly appearing difficulties personally of home-baked kind can be overcome if one files his inhibitions,
  • cross: in any thing one will achieve a good result,
  • the very high ones which is not to be exceeded: in a matter one is too optimistic or has overestimated himself, - one should revise a plan once again.


  • your weakness is your obstacle.
(See also obstacles, wall, barrier, wall)

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