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Warning / warn

In general:

A warning in the dream should concentrate the attention of the dreaming on an internal state or on external circumstances which need of his attention. Maybe he endangers himself.


The warning which the dreaming pronounces makes his abilities visible to recognise difficulties and dangers for other or concealed parts of itself. What it exactly is about, becomes from the circumstances of the dream visible. To receive a written warning, can point to the fact that one badly behaves. At the supermarket to spend too much money, warns about the fact that one invests zuviele feelings in a respect. The dream of escaping from a close space and happily by an unknown scenery to walk, sends a reminder that one needs relaxation and must leave behind his duties also once. There is still other practical dream warnings. Their leash tears which refuse braking of the car, in the kitchen fire breaks out - and one discovers while investigating, that the real leash rotten which lies autobraking removed and in the kitchen the power supply line shiningly. The explanation is easy: Unconsciously one has already registered all these mistakes, but has still undertaken nothing. The dream sends a reminder to do this soon. It is an established fact that dreams can sometimes announce illnesses, before we still feel ill and before also a doctor can ascertain something. One may generalise this of course not in such a way that one should run every time immediately to the doctor, as soon as one dreamt once of an illness. But, nevertheless, is able in the dream (particularly if he itself repeatedly) the fact of certain pain or a growth or discoloration repay the trouble to investigate. Everything what has got stuck after the awakening still in the recollection can matter to the explanation and interpretation of the warning distinct in the dream and give explanations, then after those can be traded.


A warning can be a tip to how the dreaming can become more intuitive. He may trust to his intuition and should use them accordingly.



  • finish speaking: a friend is in danger and needs you,
  • hear: it is something disagreeable to you, is careful.

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