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In general:

Warmth in the dream is an expression of well-being.


Warmth can stand for cheerfulness and a feeling of hope. If the dreaming perceives certain temperatures in the dream clearly, these of course quite easy causes can have, like fever, illness, ‹beranstrengung or too cold or overheated cubicles. However, the warmth is also a symbol for condolence and affection, warmth and passion. Decreasing warmth points in the dream to cooling off feelings. Heat is a sign for passion and desire in the dream. However, it can also be that the dreaming feels the heat as disagreeable. Then this means that he has difficulties with the fierceness of his feelings.


A feeling of warmth in the dream symbolises every now and then what the person wishes mostly: unreserved love.



  • you will accomplish a good action.
(See also ice, fire, heat, Stroke of)

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