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Coats of arms

In general:

Symbol for ambition, power and 'family honour'.


The coat of arms symbolises the character and own personality. It points to the form and coinage which one has already reached or should reach with a nice coat of arms. Coat of arms (heraldic animal) can be understood as name or eagle. Often it stands also for recollections which should suddenly appear and be processed.



  • see or make: indicates at high honour, - you will reach to respect, - one will always be able to count on the help of the family and this should never neglect,
  • splendid ones see: one would be reminded of the fact that ambition can be connected with damage,
  • dirty ones: one has done something for which one should be ashamed,
  • destroy: to themselves cut off the honour.

(European ones).:

  • announces arrogance, and arrogance comes before the case,
  • see: one will find with rummaging about unexpectedly an old memory, - also: a mighty friend will protect to one,
  • see the own: if signals misfortune, - one will never own a title,
  • see a splendid one: too much ambition can damage and makes not popularly,
  • see a dirty one: one should be ashamed for what one has done.


  • see: you come to mortal danger.
(See also under the single animal names with a heraldic animal)

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