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If one sees in the dream bugs, discussions threaten with the family. However, the dreaming possibly also wants to rid himself of a tiresome person whom he does not want to offend, however and injure. If one is bothered by creeping bugs, one will make the acquaintance of meddlesome people. If one dreams of bugs in the bed, a certain problem which one is not able to settle torments one.


Bugs indicate discords and worries, - then just as worries cause them sleepless nights. Moreover, they cause incommodities and discontent with members of the family, mostly with women. A man dreamt, he finds in his Chiton (lat. Tunica, a short-sleeved shirt from Leintuch, was carried by men like women) many big bugs, is disgusted by it, however, it does not manage with the best will in the world to shake off them. The next day came to ears of him that his woman does adultery, - he was indignant about that, however, he could not renounce from any obstacle from her. Be the Chiton meant ones him embracing woman, the bugs the disgrace. Because he could not remove, however, the vermin, he also did not succeed with the best will in the world in separating from his woman.



  • see: on different nuisances must be caught, - also: Frustration with the neighbours, - also: if mean the obtrusive acquaintances before which one should withdraw as fast as possible
  • catch: your efforts achieve little success,
  • kill: escape in vigorous manner of his torturers,
  • bug sting: Luck in the lotto, - also: one must count on nuisances.

(European ones).:

  • concerns almost always nervous system and brain, - indicate at a very obtrusive society, - whole families suffer from the negligence of the staff, and there threatens even illness, - also: one trusts to no flattering voices,
  • see creeping: you will have disputes of all kind, - disgusting complications,
  • are stung by one or are bitten: Wealth, - tough endurance will be recompensed, - also: one will not be able to go for the nuisances more different any more from the way.


  • have: big quarrel,
  • see: you will make a good deal.
(See also vermin)

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