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Tub symbolises the need to whitewash itself from mistakes and guilt. In general one is thereby asked to avoid the influence of the past, to begin a new life.



  • see: you will have to use a cure,
  • with water: you have a bad conscience,
  • have a bath in it: Luck,
  • with milk: you think of a night of love,
  • blank: your guilt cannot be extinguished yet.

(European ones).:

  • see: if 'spring-cleaning' tells in, it is at home or allegorically in own life, - freeing from all nuisances of the life,
  • promises
  • with water full ones see: if domestic satisfaction, - better days,
  • promises
  • an empty one: if prophesies misfortune and property loss, - hard times,
  • a broken one: announces family disputes.


  • see: no good sign for the business,
  • have a bath in it: you can save by attention still a lot.

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