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In general:

Cheek can promise health, luck and success if it looks full and red. The pale, creased cheek against it announces grief, worries and illness. One interprets made up cheeks in terms of facade and cosmetics.


Dream researchers in old Greece thought that red, round cheeks indicate full cashes, pale and hollow against it financial difficulties. Who makes himself up the cheeks in the dream, something may have to hide in the awake life.


Full cheeks are for each, particularly for women, from good premeaning, hollow or scratched against it mean grief or grief, namely hollow grief, the people to themselves the cheeks are in habit to scratch scratched grief, - then in bereavements.



  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince, cheeks, temples and mouth would have nicely widened, he will attain fame and honour during the war, - a my husband or a woman can count in occupation and work on a better salary. A suffering in these facial parts means the opposite of the said.
  • red and full ones: Hope, luck and health,
  • pale and sunken ones: Lovesickness will torment you,
  • dirty and colorless ones: Grief and misfortune will meet you.
  • thickens: you have luck,
  • sunkenly: Illness announces the visit,
  • with tears: Worries and grief,
  • wounds: Quarrel and annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • recovers red ones: indicate luck, - in an important thing good views,
  • exist
  • bleaches: indicate misfortune, - an important thing promises few views or grief and worries,
  • made up ones: Deceptions approach us,
  • swollen ones: if healing of a suffering,
  • promises
  • bloody, smash or scratch: one can easily get in Scherereien, leaves to your rage free run.


  • cheeks and temples mean the occupation with which one procures the means necessary to the life.
  • Having somebody a suffering in these facial parts, he has been wounded or been cut, he interprets it as a failure in the work around the everyday bread.
  • becoming nicer and more smart
  • Being these body parts, he lays out it as a success and increase of his business activity.
  • recovers: you will achieve your aim,
  • gets thin: does not give up hopes, you will have in spite of all again luck,
  • thick, red ones have: Luck,
  • sunken, pale ones: heavy worries.
(See also facade, cosmetics, powder, greasepaint)

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