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Travellers / peregrination / wandering / walk

In general:

Walking (traveller) indicates in general changes on the other life which can bring change, but also dangers with themselves. The following accompanying circumstances can help in the interpretation:
  • Without any hurry walk promises that one slowly makes headway, indeed.
  • Tiredly, exhausts or slowly walk announces big strains.
  • Uphill or downhill walk one indicates like mountain.
  • backpack with the walking carry points to charges which one must undertake.
  • Poorly looking traveller announces disappointments and failures.
  • pilgrim requests to the humility and to the trust in higher guidance.


The wandering is a symbol laborious, but sensible (idealistic motivated) approach to an aim. The movement in the nature has a big recreational value on which with this dream symbol is led. With the dream symbol walking the meaning depends extensively on it in which scenery one moves and whether one walks alone or in a group. If one walks in the mountains, it is pointed out to the fact that a certain physical strain is necessary to the rest. If one walks by the sea, the wide looks and the feeling of freedom are in the foreground. If one walks alone, one would like to free himself from all social obligations and experience himself himself. If one walks in a group, it depends very much on the fact which mood rules in this group. Also: Who walks by the dreamscape, has in the awake life the will to make progress step by step, to exaggerate nothing, besides, however. If the way is unwieldy, the traveller carries a backpack (see there) or expects he himself too much, he can achieve the aim only under great difficulties.



  • travellers see: soon have to start a trip,
  • even a traveller be: your enterprise will succeed,
  • peregrination: you achieve slowly indeed your aim,
  • walk: you will have an unconcerned time,
  • see themselves on a wandering: One becomes slow in the life and occupation, make headway indeed. One must maintain only perseverance and determination.

(European ones).:

  • (also pilgrim): one should not fall under influence by existing difficulties, - detours are there to reach still to the aim,
  • is or on peregrination be: Change of the residence,
  • walk: brings worried or diverse days,
  • walk by a scenery: Sadness will depress one, - however, the material sphere leaves much to be desired nothing,
  • meet a happy one: if brings rest and joy,
  • to a lonesome one hit on horseback: if a sign is for a new friend,
  • meet a poor one: if promise brings that one can achieve his aim also on other ways,
  • a comfortable home, however, early loss of her husband or lover prophesies this
  • of A young woman.


  • see: you will soon leave the place of your stay,
  • even: you have got by own guilt in need,
  • peregrination: are on the same: you will have to think a lot,
  • wanderer: you will soon leave your house.
(See also backpack, Go for a walk of)

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