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To changes (on the sea)


On the sea is to be changed for one which wants to start a trip, namely particularly if he chooses the sea way, promisingly, - the dream face prophesies big security. It is favorable also for a slave and a marrying, - who becomes one his man whom other control his marriage half. The sea resembles because because of his power man, because of the humidity of a woman. Luck brings it further to a going to court, - he will trump the judge and win of course the process, - the sea also resembles a judge because it does one good, the other bad. It means to a young man, he will fall in love with a Hetäre, and a woman, they will lead the life of a Hetäre, - the sea is also comparable a Hetäre because it wakes first pleasant images, then joins in, however, most badly. However, it promises to all, which live on the large amount distant statesmen and demagog, apart from big fame, unusual monetary income, - the sea resembles because because of his Unbändigkeit also the large amount.

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