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With the dream waltz one sees in the awake state the sky of full violins, but possibly one also steps to somebody with the dancing on the feet. Who other in the dream with the waltz dance watches, does not feel in the everyday life probably in his skin because he holds other for happier.



  • hear: you are in love very much,
  • play: you give other a pleasure,
  • dance: quick engagement, - also: lets assume on a romantic adventure that ends with a big disillusionment,
  • dance watch: wait for your time, then you succeed,
  • refuse: the love is only one-sided and is not answered.

(European ones).:

  • watch with one: forecasts that one maintains a respect with a happy and adventuresome person,
  • dance: you will soon make a dear confession,
  • see dancing: your love is not answered,
  • play: you give a lot of pleasure,
  • hear playing: do not fail to enjoy your youth,
  • it will be
  • Dancing a young woman a waltz with her lover, soon the object of big admiration, but nobody wants to marry them. If she sees her lover with the waltz with a competitor, she will overcome obstacles. If she dances waltz with a woman, it is liked because of her virtues and winning kind. If she sees people who dance as moved waltz, it is involved so much in pleasure, because she can with difficulty resist the advances of her lover and male friends. If she only watches the dance, an admirer hides his affection from her.


  • nice days approach you.
(See also dance)

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