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One interprets barometre often as a symbol of the psychic pressure under which a person stands, - it can be derived partly from vitality, temperament and energy of the personality, but also on too high charges (Provide, conflicts, excessive demands) point. The exact meaning reveals itself only in connection with the individual life situation.
    Basically one can understand
  • a high pressure which the barometre indicates in the dream, as a warning before the too high internal tension which one must reduce
  • a too low pressure can symbolise a mental 'low-pressure area'.
  • The broken barometre maybe announces that it will soon come for a change in the life which can be favorable or unfavorable, - however, this symbol possibly warns also about the fact that one 'breaks' in the internal pressure.



  • in general: domestic annoyance,
  • look: You expect from other help and want to watch idly. This is wrong. What may always come, you must master it yourself. Do not hesitate, hence.

(European ones).:

  • see: wait for only good news, otherwise some business fails, - also an enterprise begun with big hopes will suffer a fiasco, - also: you will expose wrong friends and become her man,
  • see how the values walk precipitously upwards: one stands under big pressure,
  • breaks it: a life change cannot be handled,
  • see the broken: unexpected disagreeable business incidents,
  • drop in shards: a sudden change in own life position can be expected.

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