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Association: - the empire of the unconscious, - natural forces. Question: - Which part of my internal nature is I to be explored ready?

In general:

A dream of the wood or of a group of trees means as a rule that the dreaming enters the empire of the female. The wood is often a place of the check and initiation. He confronts the dreaming with his emotional Himself, teaches him to understand the secrets of his true being and his spiritual world. Wood often appears if one has lost the orientation in the life, the essentials any more does not perceive, - this asks to do research seriously after the sense of own life to find again a direction. The green wood should announce luck and success, the bald misfortune and worries. The edge of the forest registers that one finds out of a mi▀lichen situation again, now and again he also points to a forthcoming separation.


The wood is a symbol for the unconscious in the dream. If the dream action takes place in a wood, this is mostly a picture for archetypal patterns of the collective unconscious. Besides, often it concerns the behaviour patterns which are known from fairy tale, myths and legends. The wood is equated with mysterious, adventurous and demoniacal which overthrows ours I from an adventure in the other. The dark or enchanted wood which often seems in fairy tale symbolises in general the beginning. The soul penetrates into areas which it does not know yet, and has to go to feel and to feel what happens in her surroundings, with intuition go forward and use all her abilities. Maybe the wood points out in the dream also to the fact that the dreaming has lost the way. For older people the way by the wood is searches for lost values. For young people it is a way in the thicket of the life which can lead to success if tearing monsters, wild animals or other obstacles do not oppose them who complicate getting on.


At the spiritual level the wood symbolises the psyche and the female.



  • in general: sends a reminder to more modesty and reverence for the easy things of the life,
  • several people have pulled
  • Dreaming to the emperor, it in his mountain woods to fell wood, namely by his order, he will let deliberately kill some of his followers, the wooden blow happens against his will, those of the hand of his enemies will fall. If he sees burning his mountain woods in blazing fire with violent storm, his people will be exterminated during a war against his enemies like a sowing, no storm raves, the bloodshed will be lower. Also this dream only the emperor or a prince can look, - even if him another should dream, he comes true in the person of the emperor or the prince. If one of them suffers from the smoke or the fire, a bad luck will attack to him.
  • see: pleasant relations find,
  • comes into leaf: Health and rest,
  • from conifers: long life,
  • mixed: you have many friends and sociability,
  • Jung's wood: Wealth at the age,
  • darkly: menacing danger,
  • brightly and friendly: a nice love affair,
  • spoils by rain: disappointed hopes,
  • go for a walk in it: you will have a good time rather pleasantly,
  • see burning: bad portent of perishable events, - also: is on the alert healthwise, - danger for your love,
  • shop: Wealth and luck in the marriage,
  • sell: Wealth, but the luck is absent,
  • is hit: Grief and need,
  • dries up: Need and poverty,
  • see laid waste: miserable views have,
  • sombre and closer: heavy times will strike you.


  • of a wood is to be dreamt a reminder, disingenuous
  • not to trust
"friends". Otherwise financial and also human losses are the result. Also you should be careful in matters of the love, because a delusive respect could do to you in close future harm. Only with raised attention and circumspection the next time can be got over regardless of. (Woman +)

(European ones).:

  • can be harmless or dangerous, - here all Sexual and Mahnfaktoren are together, - the erotically sexual untersound is clear,
  • see: the remark applies that one does not see the wood before loud trees,
  • with fresh green foliage: glad hope and good view for the future, - prosperity and pleasure, - belletrists is announced fame and big public recognition, - one has a steadfast God's trust in the future and this brings to a security and prosperity at the age,
  • see edge of the forest: if the end of a respect tells in,
  • are in a thick one: it approach a loss in trade, unhappy influence at home and annoyance in the family, - cold and hunger forecasts a long trip to the execution of a disagreeable thing,
  • fell: means that you will gain success,
  • by work
  • see cleared: News of a death,
  • advance: Portents for poverty,
  • see swimming in the water: Failure of hopes,
  • see a forest fire: one should pay attention to all physical symptoms, - the health is stable,
  • A young woman reports about the following dream and his fulfilment: 'I was in a strange wood, while apparently coconut trees with red and yellow berries stood. The ground was covered with foliage that I heard crackling under my feet. The next afternoon I received a telegramme with news about the death of a dear cousin.'


  • see burning: Grief over a beloved person,
  • see green: happy life,
  • see bald: your future is murky,
  • close and grimly: you do not know a lot in your shops,
  • go for a walk in him: you will find satisfaction,
  • more nicely, more green: happy marriage,
  • bald: murky future,
  • sing in him: happy times,
  • beat off: you will come to property.
(See also tree, mountain, 'demons', 'witch', 'wood', 'primeval forest', 'losing')

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