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Divining / foreteller (in)


The dreaming has extended his horizon and his knowledge and has thereby reached - also about himself - to knowledge which entitles to big hopes. This is a dream which promises progress and success, particularly if one sees himself as a foreteller. If one can be prophesied, however, in the dream, one searches certainty at the wrong place. One should have more trust to the life.



  • you has grief and heartbreak,
  • let themselves: do not give to every personality your trust,
  • to others: do not waste your time and do not deal with stupid things,
  • foreteller: you find advice and consolation with friends,

(European ones).:

  • you will acquire to you useful and practical knowledge,
  • go to one: one searches security and explanation always at the wrong place,
  • foretellers see or speak: mostly it concerns things which enter in the next time if it concerns divinations, - one cannot remember details of the divinations any more, then good advice will be expensive in a matter,
  • get the future prophesied: one thinks a lot about a difficult problem and should give own approval with his settlement only after thorough consideration,
  • prophesy themselves somebody the future: one will guarantee success,
  • through this
  • of A young woman the choice is predicted between two rivals. She will try to get out the position one of the both in occupation and in the society. If she dreams, it would be engaged with a foreteller, this means that the proverbial needle in a haystack has found. She should strive for independence, otherwise it will suffer in the marriage need.


  • your dream of the last night will come true,
  • foretellers hear: you gather with distinguished people.
(See also astrologer)

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