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In general:

Today most people probably dream of a car or of another means of transportation if a dream of locomotion acts. If one dreams of a quarrel carriage, this can be a tip that old and already stored methods of the control of the given situation are the solution. Carriage can be understood in terms of car. If an animal pulls him, one interprets this. A ricksha which a person pulls admonishes the dreamer not (to use to clamp other for his purposes.


If carrying carriages press conclude by successful and gainful activity if they are empty, on losses and vain working efforts. Who loses something of the carriage, financial possibilities are soon exhausted or be to be estimated at least much more slightly. A removal van hangs together with a location change of ours I, with a character conversion which changes us generally in our favour. The quarrel carriage in the dream can be a request to investigate archetypal pictures to be able to understand the motives of own action better. A quarrel carriage possibly represents basic needs in the form as they were once, before they were changed by education.


The quarrel carriage represents the sun and the divine in the dream.



  • of The imperial carriages points to the ruler's Highness, more usual on different people.
  • he will attain
  • Driving somebody by the imperial carriage, high respect and become famous, - he belongs to the capable heads, he will gain the crown.
  • Driving one to the carriage which is pulled by noble horses wave to him Highness, joy and fulfilment of his hopes, also he will have admission to the emperor. If the carriage is pulled by oxen, he will bring shortly mighty men in his power, however, turn out weak regent because oxen are slow and slow.
  • Everybody which look in the dream the carriages of the emperor will come to a closer relation with him, - nevertheless, were allowed to do Joseph when he ruled after his release from the prison over Egypt, as well as other to the sign of the Highness and dignity which the old kings lent them the royal carriage mount.
  • Dreaming one, he steers the imperial carriage in the racecourse, wins and becomes bekränzt, he will win over the enemies, if he is a general or soldier, he belongs to the tallness at the court, he will become because of the wreath first under his equals, - he is defeated in the running, he will have of misery freely and a lower joy, - then misery in the dream means Kummerlosigkeit. An easy man will take delight and more salary in his trade after this dream. A woman will go whoring, if she is who always, excite with respectable men and public nuisance.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he steers itself the carriage, he will acquire even bigger fame, subject his enemies and come to the aim of all his wishes, provided that he steers the carriage cleverly.
  • Seeming it him, he is pulled, on his quarrel carriage sitting enthroned, by horses, namely slowly and quietly, his appearance will release everywhere among the people joy, peace and cheering.
  • Seeming it to him as if his carriage has broken he will fall ill and suffer damages in his dignity.
  • he will suffer
  • Coming a horse or ox who pull him to damage, in his dignity loss, - the animals perish or they stumble, he will lose to his disaster his dignity and his respect and get in big distress.
  • farm carriage mean illness and charges by the authority. If one goes by a farm carriage, threaten him bad fright and charges by the authority. If it seems to him, he climbs down from the carriage, he will become single fast of the worries.
  • high comes loaded: rich profit,
  • leaves high loaded: you change your residence,
  • see falling down: a bad luck will happen to you,
  • is pushed: Success and aim is only difficult to reach,
  • get: you go to a party,
  • with flowers: Wedding,
  • with flags: one will honour you,
  • are driven in it: one should not count too much on others if one wants to succeed with his enterprises, as well as point fond of risk,
  • undertake a dream journey: one has all views to make progress professionally fast,
  • steer: one will easily get on if one avoids no trouble and responsibility, - you will manage your plan,
  • during the journey lose a wheel: sooner or later one will get in an embarrassment,
  • fall out: is careful that you do not lose your position by clumsiness or take a short-cut in any way badly,
  • fall down with it: are hindered by narrow-mindedness in his advancement.

(European ones).:

  • as car to understand: one makes progress, however, must search the society of distinguished people, - also: if travelling and changes means in quick change,
  • rise in one: a trip is carried out under other conditions than expected,
  • in a carriage go no good dream is for that who strives for the goods of this world
  • see an elegant one: means that one will step with his people in connection, - brings acquaintance or traffic with a distinguished person,
  • miss one: an attempt to improve his position will be thwarted,
  • from one rise: one will succeed with interesting plans on what one can congratulate himself,
  • with one tip over or make break: means a sensitive miss,
  • upset: defamation of character,
  • for the transportation of goods or loads: means if he is empty that a trouble or work will be free of charge if he is loaded that a work promises profit,
  • from one fall: one is very clumsy and, therefore, takes a short-cut very badly or loses even the position,
  • see tip over a loaded one and the load falling out: if brings capital loss,
  • to the furniture transport: if a change tells in the relations in,
  • from itself a wheel solves: one will have to be angry at the stubborness of a person very much,
  • go themselves in it: Salutes receive,
  • go in one with donkeys to horse-drawn: one falls under influence too much under careless people,
  • of horses pulled: if means luck,
  • of people pulled: one will attain power.


  • to themselves see sitting in it: Luck and honour,
  • go in a nice one: Prosperity,
  • go: you have hasty shops,
  • see going: Festivities,
  • many see: your wishes are fulfilled,
  • fall down: you will have to change your plan,
  • with him fall down: an unhappy decision will prepare a lot of worry,
  • baby carriage: happy marriage blest with children,
  • with many horses: Fulfilment of your wishes,
  • see upsetting: close misfortune,
  • loads and load: good prospering of your business.
(See also car, team, truck, horses, trip, move and single symbols) Compartment


(European ones).:

  • the wide movement in the carriage is slipping in the life expiry,
  • go in one or sit: Pleasure has.

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