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Growth / grow

medicine wheel:

Key words: Change, - development, - unfolding, - blossoming, - extending, - maturing, - widening, - deepen, - enrich, - harvest, - evolution. Description: To wax tells to increase concerning size, experience or maturity. The growth is connected in the medicine wheel with the external position of the southern soul path. In addition, moreover belong the mineral fluorspar, the plant Schwarzwurz, the animal to rabbit and the colour Violet. General meaning: Change, - expansion, - maturation. Association: Rank growth. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the readiness which will allow to reach new universal knowledge to you.

In general:

The internal changes which arrange the dreaming to refer differently to his people and to find out who is he and how his sphere looks are stadia of the growth. They express themselves in dreams, for example, as a plant growth.


If one dreams of his childhood, one establishes with the process of the Wachsens communication.


In the dream growth can be the knowledge of a new spiritual maturity by which the dreaming should orientate himself.



  • wealth, honour, profit.
  • grow: your luck and property is in the steep path.


  • you can say from luck, it could also have gone out badly.

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