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Wax lily

medicine wheel:

Key words: Tasty, - originally, - threatened, - curative, - with the female linked, - purifying, - antiseptic, - cleanness, - northern soul path. Description: The wax lily, her botanical name is Trillium, is associated in the medicine wheel with the internal position of the northern soul path and with the cleanness. This prefers in deep and humid woods growing herb is extremely threatened in his continuance. The very tasty plant counts to those numerous kinds which were brought by the thoughtless deforestation of the rain forests in distress. Earlier, at times of a well-balanced balance on the earth, the root of the wax lily was used against all sorts of disturbances. In particular she affected women's suffering favourably. Today the wax lily should not be used by people so long any more, until the humanity has stopped destroying the ecosystem, and regenerating it so to all plants permitted. General meaning: The primitive parts of your nature which have remained from external influence untouched, - the quiet, quiet centre inside, - your deep roots in the earth. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation of your being core.

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