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Association: - Work on the security. Question: - Which part of me needs protection?



  • see: dull thoughts will torment you, - also: Care before thieves, - you tells obstacles in on which one must count with a big plan. It is not excluded that these are some people from the environment which they lay to one in the way. Who keeps open his eyes, however, that might succeed in dissociating himself on time from these people.
  • stand: Compulsion will tie up you,
  • hold: your luck is protected,
  • are arrested by one: an unforeseen separation approaches you,
  • gathers, - one wants to patronise you,
  • departs: the danger is past, luck calls in,
  • with gun: you are threatened, but a good friend stands faithfully to you and protects you.

(European ones).:

  • as police and soldier to understand: between reminder to the order and slope to the lack of discipline, - also: signals well-disposed sponsors, - new commercial acquaintances and a trip in the south,
  • see gathering: is valid for forthcoming obstacles,
  • stand: indicates at useless time, - also: a time of the work without pleasure waits on one,
  • see arming themselves: if security,
  • announces
  • watchfully compared with a danger be: if is a warning to refrain before defamation of character which could bring to one in a difficult situation.


  • see: one wants to humiliate you, - if your possession holds in order,
  • see gathering: you will find out obstacles,
  • with gun see lining up: Security,
  • call over: you enjoy confidence,
  • are arrested by her: sure, quiet work,
  • stand: Incommodities.
(See also body guard, police, soldier)

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