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Waboose, northern guardian of the mind

medicine wheel:

Key words: White buffalo, - acceptance, - peace, - strength, - forgiveness, - surrender, - end, - beginning, - gift of that what we have learnt on our trip by the life, - reflexion about paradoxes. Description: In Sun Bears vision about the medicine wheel the name Waboose was given him as of the northern guardian of the mind. The north is the time of the winter, the night, a transition period in which we are people either oldest or newborn babies. With Waboose in connection alabaster, the plant Marien's grass, the animal of white buffaloes and the colour White stands the element earth, the mineral. General meaning: How you will be, after you have become an oldest, - as you were as a newborn child. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Revelation about a gift, - understanding of the paradoxes of the life. (See also 'direction - the north', 'winter')

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