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In general:

Scales are in the dream a tip to the need of balance and self-control. Without this balance it is not possible, reasonable decisions to hit possibly in view of approaches. All possibilities must be 'considered'. Scales in the dream may also stand for rules or behavioral norms whose observance is expected from the dreaming. The dreaming also as possibly feels 'weighed' and for defective found. If the scales are not in the balance, the dreaming should go to himself to find out the causes for this. Scales can point to carried too far ordinal sense and justice sense, request to more tolerance. Often she also registers that one must weigh all aspects before a decision carefully. After Old-Indian dream interpretation she should announce empires additional profits, to arms even more need.


The scales are in the dream a symbol for justice, order, balance, balance and harmony. It can be that is weighed in the dream with the scales a little bit, besides, it always matters which objects it concerns. In general the cradles are a vision for weighing and examining. The scales type in the dream can permit a more exact interpretation. Personal scales would be a tip to a more personal judgement than public scales. A weighbridge maybe means that one should think over his whole life. Scales at the doctor want to draw the attention of the dreaming maybe to a health problem. If the scale pans are in the dream ausgependelt, one will behave in the awake life quite fair and act deliberately. If a scale pan stands deeper, one should indicate from other symbols whether it has fallen to our advantage or disadvantage.


The scales of the Justice stand for balance and harmony, but also for a good judgment property. In addition, it is the symbol for the sign of the zodiac of the virgin.



  • profit by exact calculation,
  • scales: They must make a decision or weigh the advantages and disadvantages in any thing, - also: Do not take any floor exactly and is not so sensitive.
  • weigh something: one would like to check something that one is not sure, - One will be put shortly before a decision and, besides, should reach equanimity and balance, as well as themselves around justice against others trouble.
  • a scale pan see bending: one will reach in an important matter to an important knowledge which entails a certain decision which will affect the whole life.
  • stand on one and are weighed: one has made mistake,

(European ones).:

  • is a reminder to be fair against everybody, also against itself,
  • see: the next time will bring an important decision,
  • well-balanced: a time of the balance lies before one, one will be contented with it.
  • lay something on one: Justice will have an effect calming on own behaviour, - the prosperity will grow,
  • balance carefully and, besides, weigh out something: one will make by a decision the right choice,
  • cannot be balanced or on which one weighs too much or not enough: one will make the wrong choice,
  • stand on one: one has made a mistake,
  • she will judge
  • Weighing a young woman her lovers, him as respectable. Mutual loyalty pairs off with love.


  • Becoming at a place on the scales or the so-called quick scales, one interprets as an official act of the judge.
  • Leading of the dreamers a process in court and he notes that the scale pans keep in the balance, he will come to his right if not, are defeated.
  • the ears of the judge, the things in it the speeches of the going to court mean
  • The scale pans because.
  • Being the scales in order and cleanly, the judge of the place is fair, however, the scale pans are bent or broken, one knows that the judge of the place in which one dreams such bends the right.
  • Being of the scales beams on which the scale pans hang broken, threatens the judge of the place danger or the death.
  • the Same is valid from the so-called quick scales. Also capacity measures and measuring instruments are to be interpreted and to lay out, only they point to judge of low rank.
  • to empires means it to profit, poor loss,
  • with hanging bowls: your luck hangs only on a thread, - is careful in dealing with people.
(See also Weigh out, weights, zodiac)

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