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Bear's grape

medicine wheel:

Key words: Evergreen, - prayer, - connection with the earth, - Female. Description: The bear's grape or Kinnikinick is an evergreen heather plant with leathery sheets and white blossoms which become red berries. The plant resembles the cranberry. In the United States the bear's grape where it grew was smoked by the Indians with whistle ceremonies and was as such of great importance. In addition, it is applied to adjust different disturbances of the blood sugar level, and looks very urinary-propelling. Though the berries have nutritional value, but no distinctive taste and are very mealy. General meaning: Be close to the earth, - to prayers create a way, - superfluous liquids and feelings get rid. Association: The berries which look tasty but still are disappointing. Transcendent meaning: The revelation of the part of you which is ready to undertake victim to direct effective prayers to the creator.

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