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Barber's mirror


It dreamt one, he holds on the street near the marketplace a barber's mirror in the hand, and it gives to him big pleasure to view itself in it. (Then became the mirror him leave), he examined himself in it and saw his picture of full spots. The man had a relationship with a Hetäre which he took without somebody from approval by force to himself, and from this relation arose a son who was afflicted not only because of his descent, but also, because he squinted, with a flaw. Spiegel of the barber marked the women's room as prostitutes who dedicated himself to everybody which had not made easy the relation, however, for her admirer, - some people him had wanted to stop because () taking this person to itself. Because he saw further his own picture, a son was born to him who resembled him otherwise in every respect, was afflicted, however, because of the spots with a flaw. (See also barber, mirror)

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