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In general:

Scarecrow symbolises all qualities and behaviour patterns which one rejects in himself or other. Specifically she often asks to correct the negative judgment about another because it was premature. Maybe one has also mounted of an illusion.


It is a bugbear of the unconscious which wants to draw the attention of us to bad-disposed people. The scarecrow sometimes personifies a person who wants to crowd in our life to create here mess.



  • see: indicates at an unpopular, meddlesome person, - also: your cunning is sees through, - also: there will rise soon the eyes about a person in whom one discovers a little nice qualities

(European ones).:

  • obtrusive adorers or dishonourable friends, - somebody is not so intolerable in case of closer consideration as one believes.


  • you is put out to an ungainly deception.

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