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Toilet (WC)


It are very numerous the toilet - dreams. This small space has in the life of the people a lot of bigger meaning than one admits with pleasure. Curiously and surprised the child gets to know there processes of his body which finds it interesting, which, however, probably educated, also very indecent. In the toilet the mind-most stressed person is also a poor and a little pitiful natural being close to animal. There he is for the necessary discharge of materials become to ballast with his body together. He is all alone and cleans himself of that what is valid as a most common. Nevertheless, are toilet dreams nothing indecent. They who are dreamt so often speak in a remarkable and a little bit embarrassing simile of the discharge, of the emotionally finished. One creates order in this dream, rids himself of that what is used and was felt, therefore, by the person always easily as a dirt or mud. Toilet dreams deal much more seldom than one believes, with an infantile sexual step, with the so-called Anally eroticism. By the way: The alchemists believed over and over again, just from the excrement the most marvellous must be to be won, the gold - from the Verachtetsten the noblest. It is human experience which can become from low high. The following meanings often seem:
  • close toilet warns about too much confidence and carelessness.
  • excrements in the WC or even the Hineinstürzen in the bowl are understood as an announcement by chances, joy and luck and it can also concern material profits (popular one speaks drastically also of 'monetary shit'). Some modern dream researchers interpret fall in a toilet bowl as a recollection of the natal drama or as a symbolic escape back in the womb.
  • cleaning of the toilet bowl is often interpreted as a warning of annoyance with authorities. Maybe is behind it, however, also the wish, with mental 'excrements' by which one is disgusted to clear up.



  • in general: stands for release of mental ballast, as well as the creating of internal order, - (40, 80, 96)
  • stand before it: your plans will bring luck,
  • find closed: the time to the action has not come yet, you must still wait,
  • find occupied: you have hesitated too long, another has taken your place.

(European ones).:

  • profit, income,
  • with human excrements: good meaning,
  • an easy latrine: one watches out for bad friends,
  • modern water closet: one will have to count on incommodities,
  • see free: Envy or envy,
  • see occupied: your hope does not come true.


  • see: is not other people grief if they do not understand you in your being immediately,
  • not freely: is not so confident,
  • stains: the big luck stands before your door, if it receives to you,
  • must clean: you will get to act with the authority, is careful in word and writing, and places less value of the gossip of your people,
  • hineinstürzen: an unbelievable luck is given you. If it lets know nobody, because envious people will surround you.
(See human excrement, toilet)

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