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In general:

If one dreams that one took gigantic amounts the vitamin pills, something states about own state of health. Does one need a new swing? There is also the possibility that one has acted of the good too much. If one was in the dream in a health food store and tried to decide between many vitamin preparations, this probably shows a big choice in possibilities in the awake life.


If a dream trades of the fact that of the dreaming vitamins takes, then he apparently thinks to himself around his health. Every person is aware very well of that that he does not do the optimum for himself and would have to take up more from the life to do justice to his actual potential. Maybe the dreaming has recognised that there could be a situation in the life in which he needs a certain kind of help.


At the spiritual level vitamins in the dream are a tip to the fact that the dreaming recognises higher oscillations than condition for his other making headway. (See also drug)

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