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Vision search

medicine wheel:

Key words: Threshold, - direction, - connection with the creator and the earth. Description: In the old cultures close to the earth the vision search was a time in which a person put aside the everyday things and entered into the holy time, into the dream time. From vision searches of this kind the direction which should take the life of a person often stepped. An increasing number of modern people reflects again on this old method, comes along on the search for her vision and prays to be blest with a clear direction and with good opportunities to serve her people. General meaning: Above-average susceptibility for messages from other creation empires. Pay attention well to what follows such pictures in your dream. Association: Search for better eyesight Transcendent meaning: A visionärer dream, - a tip to the fact that it is a time for you, to go out and to search your vision. (See also vision)

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