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Violin / violin concert


The sound of a violin expresses unaware longing and indicates at concealed talents and possibilities which we have not exhausted yet.



  • see: your love is tender and careful,
  • see (playing) or hear: you will well have a good time,
  • play: the ambition torments you.

(European ones).:

  • with sly sides see: one is about to do a mistake, - care! Quarrel,
  • see or hear, with harmonious music: if harmony means in the family, - also around the finances one must give himself no troubles,
  • play: by a mistake one will have big incommodities,
  • a broken one: stands for a bereavement and separation,
  • she attains
  • Playing a young woman violin, honour and gets luxuriant presents handed. If she does not play, nevertheless, well, she will lose her advantage and long for things which she will never be able to call her property.


  • see: happy household,
  • hear: you will visit a ball party.
(See also Cheerful, violin, music, stringed instruments)

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