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The barrack illustrates as an emergency construction a passing situation, a makeshift without security and stability. She admonishes to more perseverance and permanence.



  • see: Illness,
  • enter: Your plans are too high. You will reach more if you begin smaller.
  • stay in it: Siechtum,
  • inhabit: The grief still continues for a while, arms you with patience, until your time of the rise comes.
  • leave: Now the way is free for you and your plans. Allow to spread no time, undertake what is necessary.


  • The substitute house is a dream sign for the fact that the present problems are not so hopeless as she seems. One to says the dreaming that he can overcome his not very happy situation currently with a little bit more strain and effort. It is a matter of hearing in language of the things and of acting accordingly.

(European ones).:

  • restlessness, also frustration.


    very quickly
  • quarrel in the house and in the business, avoids the people.

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