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Association: - Possession-affecting love. Question: - To what extent love is menacing for me?

medicine wheel:

Wolf clan apprenticeship: The west, - strength, - love (in particular the black bear)


In the European society the bear is mostly associated with the female forces of the nature. By his brown colour signals he confine contact with the earth mother. With the Teutons was the bears, for example, also the queen of the woods. A good-natured, peaceful-bad-tempered, comfortable bear points to motherly security and security, or to the desire for it. The fear of menacing bears mostly refers to oppressive, incriminating female or motherly taking possession. Also an older, dominating sister or other woman can exercise this function. This meaning must exist not only with children, because the mother's child's respect can also influence the life of adults strongly. If the bear is dead, he stands for the contact of the dreaming with his deeper negative instincts. If the dream of a teddy bear acts, a childish need for security manifests itself in this. After Carl Gustav Jung comes the negative aspect of the higher personality which distinguishes itself by the proverbial strength of a horse. The dream bear also has something dangerous, menacing in himself. The bear is often an execrated prince who waits for redemption in the fairy tale. If the dreaming accepts the dark, female side of the sexuality, the part which frightens him, he can come to a more contented sexual life. Therefore, bear dreams are more important for men than for women. With women such a dream often delivers a tip to plumb completely her sexuality, so that this is not foreign-certain. The symbol of the bears is therefore also an archetype. The bear stands also for the wish to meet the strength of own creativity. Thus he stands in the dream often for impetuous, coarse strength which one should use more carefully not to shoot after the aim. However, positively in it is the energy and self-assertion with which one will also master difficult situations.


At this level the bear symbolises spiritual strength and power.


The bear means a woman (It the authors report about metamorphoses that the Arkaderin Kallisto (nymph) have been transformed into this animal of Hera, after it has been enticed by Zeus in the form of Artemis.) and because of his wildness illness, distant movements and trips because he carries the same name like the always moving sign of the zodiac. On the other hand he prophesies a stay at the one and same place, - then the stars always move at the one and same place and does not set.



  • The bear means rich, mighty, but silly and perky enemy.
  • he will make
  • Killing somebody in the dream a bear, to such an enemy the Garaus and be heir to him.
  • on a bear had prophesied to ride power.
  • Killing somebody a bear with the sword, he will rejoice about the setting of his opponent.
  • bear's meat indicates to eat, one will attain from ungeschlachten, but rich enemy so much wealth as one consumed bear's meat.
  • Taking somebody a bearskin in himself, he will appropriate his whole property.
  • bear's milk to drink fear of the authority and a long illness registers.
  • lifts somebody a bear's head or brings one to him one, it becomes of an ungeschlachten enemy a property, get namely his whole capital.
  • see: Luck in the play, - also: the bear one binds up and the grumbler as a portrayal of character, - must suffer a lot of wrong.
  • see straight: A danger stands before you, however because you recognise them on time, you have no damage.
  • see dancing: You have created it, have overcome the difficulties, everything goes by your will.
  • see lying (vividly): You know, heavy duties still wait for you, softy to them from, otherwise it cannot be that you do not master them one day any more.
  • kill: you will know how to fight against your opponent,
  • see lying, deadly: You have endured a lot, now, however, it is behind you and almost you will be sorry to have to pass no more fight.
  • black: Misfortune,
  • white: honourary honouring.

(European ones).:

  • see: Profit in the play, - or immense competition get, - insecurity in the interpersonal relations, sometimes also clap,
  • are attacked by a bear: you will suffer big damage,
  • see dancing: you will satisfy your believers, - Klatschereien and frustration,
  • bear hunt: do not proceed in danger!
  • see a dead one or a bearskin: The luck which is, nevertheless, not without obstacles - all uncertainties of the last time will clear up,
  • several see: there approach the events which take up the whole strength
  • kill one or scare away: successfully can count,
  • she must calculate
  • Appearing a bear of a young woman in the dream, on a dangerous rival or another bad luck.
  • eat bear's meat: a wedding in the family.


  • you can succeed in the play, but does not exaggerate it.
(See also 'brown bear', 'fur', 'grizzly bear', 'black bear', 'animals')

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