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Cattle / herd of cattle


Cattle stand for desires, instincts and other parts of the personality which one feels as primitive to which one must still stand, however. Now and again sexual needs also appear which one rejects and suppresses.



  • meet one: financial furtherances and professional success, - luck in informal matters,
  • the fat: in immediate future may register a big profit,
  • the thin: one should better pay attention to his possessions and go more economically through the life,
  • feed: the success will appear,
  • in the stable: Wealth and blessing,
  • on the pasture: Profit and property increase,
  • shop: watch out for deception,
  • sell: you will suffer damage,
  • float: your plans can be successful,
  • torment: you are a bad person and come to the misfortune.

(European ones).:

  • sign of the Triebhaftigkeit, in addition according to animal species how to understand male or female sexual symbol,
  • on the pasture: Luck,
  • the thin: heavy times,
  • the fat: nice future,
  • float: you will experience joy,
  • a big herd: Prosperity,
  • beat: watch out to be unfair.
(See also hay, rain, running, straw)

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