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Association: - unrecognized aspects. Question: - Which part of my being am I ready to recognise?

In general:

Used (r) requests, parts of the personality which one consciously knows, but accepts not completely, finally, to accept to find internal peace. Specifically the relation to the relationship can be also expressed in it. Old dream books interpret them as a quarrel with the neighborhood.


Like all the other people appearing in the dream the relatives are also a picture for certain traits of the dreaming. If the dreaming rejects the relatives in the dream or they are not well-meaning to him, this is a tip to the doubts of the dreaming about his own action, thinking and feeling. However, it can also be that he gets to know only briefly known relative in the dream action to him in the reality better. Then this would be a picture for his growing assurance and stronger accepting of itself.



  • see: Prediction of a disappointment or a betrayal which goes out from a person at all from the next surroundings,
  • speak: one straightens you,
  • visit: Death in the family.

(European ones).:

  • see and speak: is valid for expenditures and disagreeable visits, after other interpretes directly for deception, - also means long life.


  • see: you will receive visit,
  • see dying: rich inheritance.
(See also family, enemies, strangers, friends)

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